There are many different industrial procedures to protect a metal surface from corrosion. A particularly suitable solution is zinc plating. But what exactly is zinc plating?

What is zinc plating ?


The zinc plating process, also known as electro galvanizing, can be described very easily. Zinc plating is a reliable and precise technical process that we use to add a ten to thirty-micron layer of zinc to our steel products! The zinc plating is widely used in many industries, like street furniture, automotive, shipbuilding, traffic safety, screws, bolts and many more.


How does the zinc electroplating process work? To make this process understandable we summarized it in three simple steps:

Zinc plating step one

First Step: First of all the product must be prepared for the surface treatment. That means it is washed and pickled to remove any dirt and oil from its surface as well as to remove any oxide residue.

This careful preparation is essential for an attractive and reliable final product. All of our steel products must be submerged in a pickling solution, then cleaned and rinsed to ensure a high-quality product, no matter if it is a parking post, a crowd barricade or a pedestrian railing.

The purpose of these operations is to obtain a sufficiently clean surface which can receive a uniform surface treatment.

Zinc plating step two

Second Step: Next, the product is submerged in a bath containing a chemical solution of zinc sulfate (Zn2+). A direct current is passed through the product which is connected to the cathode. This attracts the positively charged zinc particles to the product and binds them tightly to the surface. This is the process of electrolysis!

Zinc plating step three

Third Step: Afterward, the product is removed from the bath and the excess solution is allowed to run off. Then the product is inspected and moved to a drying oven where its new coating is dried and baked on. It is removed from the oven and undergoes a final quality control inspection. From here the product passes on to powder coating or packaging.

We also use this process to protect the feet of our crowd control barriers. This allows them to retain their durability much longer despite being exposed to climatic hazards and the many impacts they receive in a construction zone.


The main benefits of zinc plating

Zinc plating offers many advantages:

  • Weather and corrosion protection over the entire product.

  • A shiny attractive finish.

  • Extended service life for the product.

  • Profitability thanks to an ideal price to performance ratio.

  • Low environmental impact.

  • Protection against damage during transportation, setup and service.

  • Wear protection without maintenance costs.

We use the zinc plating finish on many items in our standard range from bollards and railings to bike racks and trash receptacles.

To get more information about finishing options take a look at our other surface treatments.

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