Sino Concept works in the field of forging for many years and has built up a detailed knowledge in many specialized areas of manufacturing. Stamping and punching are both areas in which Sino Concept has exceeded the competition.

Stamping and punching are processes that are used to manufacture steel products and they are both widely used forging operations. They allow us to produce complex designs and shapes at a low cost.

Punching production line in a factory


Punching is a metal forming process using a press to create a hole via shearing into a metal piece. Punching is the most cost-effective method to create holes in metal pieces for high volume production. In addition, thanks to its rapidity the process of stamping is an ideal solution for any volume of production. It is also very effective to create holes of various shapes.

Worker who is using punching process


1- Place a workpiece of steel into the presses where you want the holes to be created.

2- Force a steel punch, made of strong steel into the workpiece to create the holes.

3- Remove the surplus metal, which could accumulate in particular at the junction between the two dies.

Punching process to make holes in a metal piece


Stamping is a process in which thin metal slices are shaped by punches and dies. Stamping utilizes the elasticity of the metal. The elasticity for stamping is optimal when the temperature is between one-third and one-half of the metal’s melting temperature. Once cooled down, the material returns to its original strength.

There are two different kinds of punches and dies: mechanical or hydraulic presses. Most stamping operations are carried out on high-speed mechanical presses even though they are more expensive than hydraulic presses. 

Stamping production line in a factory


1- Place a pre-heated steel sheet between an upper and a lower mold.

2- Press the machine to force the molds together.

3- You obtain a piece of metal with the desired shape.

This stamping process is used to create e.g. our outdoor trash receptacle.

Stamping process explanation


  • Our Prices: We manufacture your products at our own factories in Qingdao, China. Work with us as a manufacturer and you can cut out the middleman and benefit from factory prices.
  • Flexibility: With a large manufacturing space we are able to offer our customers personalized products manufactured alongside our standard ranges of traffic safety and street furniture products.
  • Strict Quality Control: All of our products are checked one by one to ensure all parts are defect-free. We ensure that all sharp edges are removed after pressing and punching and our products are finished, ready to use.
  • Manufacture What You Imagine: With Sino Concept you can manufacture any projects you can imagine! With our machinery, we can produce a wide range of parts, molds and measures. We are able to manufacture small-sized components as well as parts as large such as our incomparable cast iron bench ends.
  • Trust: Sino Concept not only strives hard to produce your order to the specifications and to meet the quality standards that you expect but also to build long-lasting partnerships. We go the extra mile to offer free samples, detailed photos and CAD specifications, ensure safe packing, manage customs clearance and keep you up to date at every step of the process.

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Casting process to make steel products


Machining process to make steel products


Turning process to make steel products


Milling process to make steel products


Flow drilling process to make steel products


Welding process to make steel products


Vulcanized rubber to make traffic calmers


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