Qingdao – China – Main Office

Félix Bizouard
Felix BIZOUARD - CEO Nationality: French

Felix is mainly living in Qingdao but he often goes to Dubai and France to visit our branch offices. He has been around the traffic safety industry since he is 18 years old. He is the bridge between the sales team and our factories. In addition, Felix lives up to his French roots and is an excellent cook! If you visit us in Qingdao, he will be more than happy to make you taste his homemade terrines.

Ella Zhang
Ella ZHANG – Qingdao Office Manager Nationality: Chinese

Ella is the supervisor of the Qingdao team. She is in charge of purchasing, quality control, website maintenance, etc. She does her best to make everything in order. She loves watching movies and is really into listening to music.

Kevin Wang
Kevin WANG - Designer Nationality: Chinese

Kevin is our designer. It is thanks to his work that we have such a nice and clear catalog! It is also Kevin who creates all of our 2D and 3D designs when we work on your custom-made product requests. Passionate about his work, he is an expert at working with SolidWorks, Photoshop and InDesign. Better than anyone, he will bring life to your products in accordance with each of your requests.

Carol Zhang
Carol ZHANG - Marketing Assistant Nationality: Chinese

Carol is our marketing assistant based in our Qingdao office. She helps to gather prospects information for traffic safety and street furniture industries and assists our sales to provide a better service! Carol loves reading books and watching movies.

 Tom Cheng
Tom CHENG – Graphic Designer Nationality: Chinese

Tom is our graphic designer and the youngest in our team. He is responsible for designing & updating all the information on our website. Tom has constructive ideas and he is always ready to help. During his spare time, Tom likes watching movies and studying other design works to get more inspiration.

Ben Yu
Ben YU - Factories manager Nationality: Chinese

Ben is in charge of our factories. He is the one making sure that your products are perfectly manufactured. Ben is a car lover, so if you want to talk about Formula One and sports cars, he is your man!

Nolberto Serrano
Nolberto SERRANO - Sales Manager Nationality: Chilean

Nolberto is in charge of selling our traffic safety products to Hispanic countries. Always with a smile, he will provide you with the best solution for your project.  Besides, he is an excellent cook and likes to play football during his spare time. If you come to Qingdao he will be more than happy to share his cooking and football skills with you!

Dinan – French Branch

Victorien DUBOT
Victorien DUBOT - Operations manager  Nationality: French

Victorien manages the French Branch. He is in charge of sales development, pricing and technical specifications. He thinks about the most efficient way to fulfill your orders. Always ready to help, he will do his best to provide you with answers as quickly as possible. Victorien is also a sports enthusiast and loves scuba diving and golfing. If you come to Britanny, make sure to stop by Dinan and have a beer with him!

Caroline KOWALSKI - Executive Assistant Nationality: French

Caroline is based in France, and she assists Victorien in the relationship with the customers and offers. She supervises the logistic chain from China as well. She will always help to provide the best service and solutions. She likes horses, walking and cooking. She will appreciate sharing a glass of wine if you stop by Dinan.

Weimar – German Branch

Johannes SCHMIDT
Johannes SCHMIDT - Sales manager Nationality: German

With a wide knowledge of traffic safety and custom manufacturing, he is the ideal contact person for you to speak with about the products you imagine. Together with Johannes Voigt, he is responsible for all matters of marketing and sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland from the sales office in Weimar. As an enthusiastic football fan you can talk about lots more than just business with him. Just give him a quick call.

Johannes VOIGT
Johannes VOIGT - Sales manager Nationality: German

In the sales office in Frankfurt, Johannes is in charge of all questions regarding street furniture and factory equipment for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He started his career at Sino Concept with an internship in China and will help and guide you through all of your questions. Furthermore, he will be more than happy to show you Germany's beautiful capital with all its secret spots.

...and more than 55 skilled technicians at our three factories.

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