Sino Concept is one of the leading street furniture and traffic safety manufacturers in China! We have achieved this due to our excellent range of top quality products and friendly customer service.

Why should you choose to work with Sino Concept? 

    We know that thorough quality control is of the highest importance to our customers. Checking a few samples after a production run is not good enough. At Sino Concept, we have the same quality expectations as you do, meaning that we make sure each and every product is perfect. Plus, because we are located in Qingdao we have the means to check product quality at every stage of production.
    Once we are happy with a design, we sit down with our team of designers who bring our creations to life in 3D with the latest computer-aided design software (CAD). From there we can double check our measurements, iron out any possible issues and get a real feel for how our products will function in the real world.
    Once we are happy with the computer models, detailed plans are sent to our factories here in China. Our design team goes through the plans with the engineers who will make the real product. All aspects are discussed and checked to ensure everyone involved is working towards achieving the same vision.
    You can’t make excellent quality products without using high-grade materials. This is why we source our materials from trusted partners who share our passion for excellence. Every raw material we use, from steel to plastic to rubber, is fully inspected once it arrives before any fabrication can begin.
    Once the process of production is completed, a thorough inspection takes place to ensure the product is great. We take care of our steel, plastic, and rubber products thoroughly to give them an excellent finishing: vulcanization, injection, welding, etc.
    Now that the products are looking fantastic and ready for delivery, we need to keep them that way until they reach the customer. To keep both the product and its finish in excellent condition while in transit, we carefully pack each Traffic safety supply and site furnishings products with bubble wrap before loading it into custom-made wooden crates or onto sturdy steel pallets.
Welding, grinding, powder coating at Sino Concept

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