Parking locks

Parking locks are a simple but very convenient parking equipment product. Also called parking hoops, they will protect parking spaces from unwanted cars.

Parking hoops barriers are very easy to set up and will last for years thanks to a sturdy construction.

Sino Concept has become a reliable parking lot equipment manufacturer, and customers from all over the world enjoy our strong parking space protectors.

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ProductParking locks
  • Supplied with padlock and key
  • Foldable
  • Supplied with 2 engineering grade reflective stripes
Length740 mm (2.43 ft.)
Height400 mm (1.31 ft.)
  • Diameter: 38 mm (1.49 in.)
  • 1.5 mm (0.03 in.)
FinishingHot dip galvanized


  • Reliable: Parking hoops are very easy to install but very tough to disengage when locked. Our parking space locks are designed to remain sturdy and keep in place while closed. Moreover, our parking spaces protectors can only be taken down with your key.
  • Adaptable: Not all parking spaces are the same, which is why we manufacture our parking locks easily adaptable. It can be used on pavement, asphalt, or whatever surface you got. A versatile piece of parking equipment that will add convenience to your parking structure.
  • Durable: We make our folding parking barriers from heavy duty galvanized steel to protect it from damages and abuses. It is completely rust resistant and sturdy enough to survive most vehicle impacts. You will not need to replace this lock anytime soon.
  • Custom made: As a French manufacturer, we can offer a broad range of customized products according to your specifications. Ask our designers to create a unique product to fit your requirements. We can produce nearly every kind of street furniture that you might need.


Here is some advice on how to install new parking space guards quickly and easily:

  • 1st step: Assemble the parking hoop to the 3 base supports with the screws provided.
  • 2nd step: Put the parking lock on the ground in the lock position and mark the place where to drill the holes.
  • 3rd step: Drill the holes in the ground according to the marks.
  • 4th step: Clean the holes, set up the parking space protectors and install the screw anchors (also provided).

We can guarantee the maximum security for parking structures with our large choice of parking safety products.


Parking products are often neglected, and yet it is very important to ensure a safe environment to your customers or drivers.

Red and white parking bollard.
  • Parking posts: With their round or square shape, they are the favorite device to block access to playgrounds, parks and parking areas. Furthermore, their sturdiness ensures the protection of walls, vehicles, and pedestrians.
Black and yellow rubber speed bump.
  • Rubber speed bumps: Our speed bumps slow down vehicles in a most efficient way and do not damage your car axle spring. We offer various kinds of speed bumps to fulfill all our customer’s needs.
Black and yellow rubber wheel chock.

  • Wheel stops: They are used to block a car once it reaches the limit of the parking place. With car stops, you can prevent drivers to park wherever they want and keep your parking in order.

Orange traffic delineator post with white reflective stripes.

  • PU flexible delineator posts: Made of flexible polyurethane, they will return to their original shape when they get hit by a car.

Red and white road entrance barrier.

  • Road entrance barriers: With a parking barrier, you can limit the access to parking areas if they are charged or already reserved to some people.

Black and yellow rubber corner guard.

  • Rubber corner guards: Parking can be dangerous for drivers who do not respect the speed limit, or when space is too narrow to open the door of your car properly. That is why our corner guards are useful.

If you need more product than our parking locks to equip parking areas, do not hesitate to check out our removable parking posts!

Parking lock made of sturdy and superior quality steel Parking lock made of heavy duty galvanized steel Parking lock to protect parking spaces safe from unwanted cars

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