Collapsible Cones

Discover Sino Concept’s collapsible cones. Also known as pop-up safety cones, their main advantage is to be easily storable. You can just collapse them and place them in your vehicle.

Our collapsible traffic cones are equipped with a light on top, for a high-visibility at night.

At Sino Concept, we also provide bags for our pop up cones with either one or two cones inside.

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Those pop-up traffic cones can be used for various reasons: 

  • You can use those traffic cones during the day for soccer or agility training.      
  • Keep it in your vehicle to use as warnings in case of vehicle breaks down.                                       
  • They can be easily store in your vehicle without any waste of space.                                                             


  • Easy-to-carry: Pop up cones are very convenient to transport and handle in case of emergencies. Because they are light and they save space, our collapsible cones will reduce transportation costs.
  • Multifunctional: Ideal in many situations, they are particularly useful for traffic safety and as emergency equipment for ambulances or fire trucks. Additionally, they could easily be used by motorists as part of an emergency kit.
  • Quality: Do not rely on poor quality when you are in need. With our pop up traffic cones, Sino Concept guarantees you superior quality, resistant and long-lasting products.
  • Visibility: Thanks to their 19.7” (50 cm) or 29.5” (75 cm) height and to their light up on the top, our folding traffic cones will increase visibility on roads and help preventing accidents.
  • Price: Thanks to our in-house manufacturing, we cut middlemen and offer very high-quality for attractive prices. If you need more standard traffic cones, please check our HDPE cones.

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Collapsible cones range with 750 mm and 500 mm height available Collapsible cone with 500 mm height and reflective films Collapsible cone with 750 mm height and light on top Pop up safety cone base to use in case of emergency Pop up safety cone base for easy storage and handling

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